Friday, December 30, 2011

Doh! Wal-Mart Marijuana Parking Lot Sale...

Three High I.Q. Oakland residents were arrested for marijuana-related charges after officers found several pounds of pot in a vehicle that was parked at a Walmart store in San Leandro late Wednesday night, police said Friday.

Here is how the local press would have you read it..."Lt. Jeff Tudor said an officer stopped 23-year-old Christopher Maxie and 29-year-old James Taylor at the Walmart at 1919 Davis St. at about 10:55 p.m. Wednesday as the pair were about to get into a vehicle." Really? Think about central problem here as you read --

"The officer determined that Maxie was on probation" -- and he checked this why? So with a condition that allows police to search him and his property ( ...sounds like 1942 Germany)  the officer goose stepped up the vehicle and stated that he could smell the pungent, chronic, dank, sweet odor of medical marijuana coming from it. Now I'm quite sure that the 1% will find no problem in some lunatic cop with awe inspiring zeal to stop anyone that strikes them as different or "out of place"... but I'm pretty sure there are some constitutional issues being bent over the Supreme Courts Side Bar right about here.

During a search of the vehicle, the officer located about three pounds of packaged O.G. Kush Cannabis, which were vacuum-sealed twice. When the officer contacted Maxie, he had also just bought a box of vacuum seals for making plastic bags from Walmart, Tudor said.

Maxie and Taylor were both placed under arrest for possession of marijuana for sale and transporting marijuana, according to Tudor.

On Thursday, narcotics detectives conducted a probation search at Maxie's home in Oakland and found an additional three pounds of marijuana, he said.

Alexis McCloskey, 22, was at the residence at the time and the detectives determined that she was involved with the sale of marijuana and placed her under arrest on suspicion of possession of marijuana for sale, Tudor said.

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