Monday, February 27, 2012

Why All Of The New Marijuana Dispensary Locator Sites

Funny I just ran across this new marijuana locator site called medical-marijuana-locators ... and their verbiage was this ....

Currently we have 21  Cannabis clubs located in OC, Ca, Please see below our list of medical marijuana dispensaries in the greater Orange County, area. The growing list of "legal" medicinal marijuana dispensaries is rapidly climbing daily, -- Be sure to check back for updates.
 The problem with this site ...and all of of the other knock off pot locator sites is that they pay a shit load of cash to get their site SEO'd -- then find that they have no content, regarding all of areas that they claim to represent.

For instance, the above mentioned site claims that there are only 21 collectives in OC. Ha! There are over 60 Pot clubs that offer medical weed just in Santa Ana alone.

So if you are looking for all of the medical  marijuana dispensary jobs, MMJ reviews and social activities of the largest medical weed locator on the internet go with the biggest and best.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bama's 'Dre Kirkpatrick Arrested For Less Than 1 Oz. of Marijuana

Prior to the National football league has formally introduced he (or other underclassmen) continues to be granted early qualifications in to the 2012 draft, Alabama cornerback 'Dre Kirkpatrick has given scouts reason to question his maturity.

Kirkpatrick,'s No. 2 ranked cornerback and tenth ranked player overall for that 2012 draft, and former Alabama player Chris Rodgers were arrested early each morning hrs yesterday in Palmetto, Florida after driving lower the incorrect side of the road. Rodgers was driving but police thought that both gamers were intoxicated by marijuana seed products so when they looked the vehicle they found 7.9 grams from the drug. Rodgers told police the marijuana was his. Kirkpatrick was billed having a misdemeanor for possession of cannabis seeds and needed to pay a $120 fine prior to being launched.

It's rare that the cornerback with zero interceptions gains All-American accolades but that's just what Kirkpatrick accomplished this year for that Crimson Tide. Though he did not register a pass thievery, Kirkpatrick's physical coverage and run support made him probably the most feared cornerbacks in the united states along with a virtual lock for that first round.

The arrest on marijuana seed charges -- up to now Kirkpatrick's only known legal entanglement -- is not prone to push his draft stock lower much. It will, however, pose a signficant warning sign for teams.

Kirkpatrick was forecasted to become the seventh overall pick (The city of jacksonville Jaguars) of my current first round mock draft. Should you pardon the pun, my fellow analyst Dane Brugler has got the Alabama cornerback going even greater.

Inside the final minutes before Tuesday’s election, Catania and Orange struck a contract round the dais. Incorporated within the deal, only one dispensary may be situated in the ward where six shops are - essentially meaning only one distribution location can open in Northeast.

“It can be a compromise that ameliorates concerns in Ward 5 but furthermore preserves the integrity in the medial marijuana program,” Catania mentioned.

Jacqueline Manning, a Ward 5 advisory neighborhood commissioner, countered the compromise is not acceptable to a lot of Northeast people. “We want none,” she mentioned. “We want within the ward which we're searching at our ward enhancing, ongoing to maneuver forward and not like a drop zone.”

But medicinal marijuana companies, who could include former talk show host Montel Williams, say neighborhood concerns are misguided.

Williams is an element from the group recommending to start the Abatin Wellness Center inside the 2100 block of Queens Chapel Road. The Northeast building would contain two separate cultivation centers that could grow no more than 190 plants.

Jonathan Hotdogs, a representative for Williams, mentioned the cultivation center will probably be situated in the vacant building and may stay with strict security techniques. “Our recommended cultivation center will probably be highly secure and practically impregnable for everyone who is not suppose to remain in it,” Hotdogs mentioned.

No matter the compromise and neighborhood wrangling inside the law, there is no ensure the city’s medicinal marijuana program will operate without federal scrutiny.

Medicinal marijuana is illegal under federal law. Despite the fact that Authorities has mentioned its Justice Department will not target dispensers, the Drug Enforcement Agency has completed raids on some suspected medicinal marijuana facilities in recent several days.