Monday, February 27, 2012

Why All Of The New Marijuana Dispensary Locator Sites

Funny I just ran across this new marijuana locator site called medical-marijuana-locators ... and their verbiage was this ....

Currently we have 21  Cannabis clubs located in OC, Ca, Please see below our list of medical marijuana dispensaries in the greater Orange County, area. The growing list of "legal" medicinal marijuana dispensaries is rapidly climbing daily, -- Be sure to check back for updates.
 The problem with this site ...and all of of the other knock off pot locator sites is that they pay a shit load of cash to get their site SEO'd -- then find that they have no content, regarding all of areas that they claim to represent.

For instance, the above mentioned site claims that there are only 21 collectives in OC. Ha! There are over 60 Pot clubs that offer medical weed just in Santa Ana alone.

So if you are looking for all of the medical  marijuana dispensary jobs, MMJ reviews and social activities of the largest medical weed locator on the internet go with the biggest and best.

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